The Rebel Legion FAQ

The Rebel Legion is a Star Wars costuming club that celebrates the magic of the Star Wars saga by appearing in accurate replica costumes of the rebels and other “good guys” from the Star Wars universe and by helping our local communities. The Rebel Legion and it's members frequently visit children's hospitals, help raise money for charities such as Make-A-Wish, gather toys for the Toys for Tots program, escort Star Wars celebrities at conventions, help with the release of Star Wars films and products, and generally hang about getting our pictures taken with kids of all ages.

Is the Rebel Legion licensed by Lucasfilm?

No. The Rebel Legion is a fun-run, 100% volunteer organization operating solely for fun. It is no way affiliated with Lucasfilm or any of its licensees. Lucasfilm Ltd. owns the Star Wars name, logo, trademarks and characters.

Where do you get your costumes?

All of our costumes are homemade, created by talented fans that know enough about costume and prop building to create some very nice suits. None of our costumes are for sale to the general public. It is just a hobby. Anyone can learn to make amazing, high-quality costumes, and we offer assistance to anyone wishing to join our ranks.

Do you make special appearances by request?

Depending on our availability and the nature of the event, the Rebel Legion is available for many kinds of public events, and we enjoy donning our costumes as often as possible. We regularly appear at conventions, children's activities and charity fundraisers, birthdays, movie premieres, parades and on television and in the newspaper. If you are interested in having our members appear at an event, please speak with any member present at the event where you picked up this flier, or visit our website at www.rebellegion.com

Do you get paid for your appearances?

We are a volunteer organization, so we do not accept payment for our work. If you insist on paying us for our time, then you may make arrangements with our local event coordinator to make a contribution to a charity in the name of the Rebel Legion.

Is the Rebel Legion active in my area? How do I get in touch with a local group?

Our club spans the entire United States and over 28 countries worldwide. Chances are, we have a group near you! Go to our main website, www.rebellegion.com, and click on the ‘Bases’ link. That will take you to a list of our Bases and Outposts (the names we use for regional chapters of our club) and what areas they cover. You can use the links to contact the club officers in your area.

Are there dues for membership?

There are no membership fees or dues, so membership is free provided you have a costume.

What are the membership requirements and how do I join?

There are only two requirements for membership. First, you have to be age 18 or older (19 in Alabama). While we welcome and encourage all Star Wars fans to costume and have fun, we cannot be responsible for minors at our events or for having them associated with us in case something happens. This is unfortunate but necessary.

The second requirement for membership in the Rebel Legion is ownership of a professional-quality Star Wars costume of one of the rebels, Jedi, or other identifiable denizens of the galaxy that would reasonably be allied with the Rebel Alliance or the Republic. Characters must be from one of the licensed Star Wars movies, books, or games. Final costume approval based on quality and relevance is at the discretion of the club leadership. Once you have your costume together, you can submit it along with your membership application, which is available on-line at our website: www.rebellegion.com

Do you have rules in your club?

Yes. The Legion Charter is our formal body of rules. It is a simple but comprehensive document that covers the procedures and organizational structure of the club. It allows for elections, spells out organizational units and naming standards, and describes our club’s standards of costuming and behavior. A copy of the charter can be found on the main website www.rebellegion.com and from any club officer.

Does the Legion work with the Star Wars celebrities?

Yes. We frequently find ourselves working with and escorting the various celebrities that help make the Star Wars saga great, including actors and actresses, authors, production staff and Lucasfilm representatives. Many celebrities have already been named Honorary Members of the Rebel Legion and presented plaques naming them such. We consider them a part of the family and will always strive to work with them wherever they are available.

Do you have any Rebel Legion merchandise for sale?

No. Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its licensee partners. For this reason we only produce a limited range of apparel and paraphernalia to be sold to our members only and at cost. No profit is made. This is solely to promote our club at conventions and to give gifts to the celebrities and company representatives who are fans of the club. All material is scrutinized and approved by Legion command and many of it is submitted to Lucasfilm representatives for their feedback prior to creation.

How is the Legion organized?

The Legion has local chapters, called Bases, that cover large geographical areas in the U.S. and the world. In areas of the world where there are only a few Legion members we have Outposts that strive to build membership up enough to become Bases. A Legion Council and administrative staff serves to coordinate all the Bases together and help shape the club’s agenda.


The Rebel Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it is Lucasfilm's preferred Rebel costuming group. Star Wars, its characters, costumes, and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm.
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